• Can I Use Glass with my drink preservers? +

    We recommend against using glass with your drink preservers. If the glass should fall out Read More
  • What type of cup can I use in my drink preservers? +

    We have found many plastic cups that work great with the drink preservers. The 12 Read More
  • My Drink Keeps tipping the Drink Preserver over! +

    If your drink is full and the cup is to high in the drink preserver Read More
  • Are Drink Preservers meant for kids too? +

    These are named Drink Preservers, not cocktail preservers for a reason. You can put anything Read More
  • If my friend is drowning can I throw them a Drink Preserver as a floatation device? +

    Are you kidding me? Its only 6". Its meant for a margarita, not a human. Read More
  • Can I use these to bring my pet guinea pig in the pool? +

    Ummm, you can do whatever you please with your Drink Preserver. If I hear your Read More
  • Can I use the Drink Preservers with my G.I. Joes in the pool? +

    OK, now you people are just going over the edge, you wanna bring you're G.I. Read More
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Well, I guess that is all for now, time to test out the new life preserver for Snake eyes, all in a days work.


Brett Klisch
Head Knumbnut and Cocktail Maestro